The Norma I. Love Foundation
A  non profit humanitatarian, education, and conservation organization 501(c). TIN:75-2473456
The Norma I. Love Foundation is located in Arlington, Texas and operates from the community of Mocoron.  Mocoron is situated approximately 79 kilometers due south of Puerto Lempira.  The only means of transportation from Puerto Lempira asides from walking is an extremely bumpy 4 to 5 hour truck ride across roads that are often  non paved and water filled (see the photo at the bottom opf the page).
The white and red arrows on the map below indicate the necessary routes of travel for reaching Mocoron.  After arriving in Honduras it typically requires two additional days to reach and to return from the Mosquitia by plane. 
Where the Norma I. Love Foundation is Located
The above photograph provides some insight into the occasional challenges presented when negotiating a vehicle along the only "highway" connecting Puerto Lempira and Mocoron.  During the rainy season which often last from late May until October the 79 kilometer trip can requires 3.5 to 5 hours.  Occasionally the roadway can hold enough water that vehicles have no alternative but to traverse the occasional openings in the roadside forest.  As one can imagine, only reliable vehicles with four wheel drive are suitable for these conditions. 

For information regarding travelling to Mocoron please click here to contact Norma Love.  Also use the phrase "Advice for visiting Mocoron" in the subject field of your email.
The Honduran Mosquitia provides a diverse range of habitats from pine savannahs to wet tropical forest. Very little infrastructure is present and asides from a few well established roads most transportation is by canoe, foot or horse.
For a glimpse at some of the cold blooded inhabitants click here for a photographic travelogue from herpetologist Carl J. Franklin.