Current Projects

   Several projects are currently underway to enhance the development of the community of Mocoron.  Some of these include the following:

*Pig Farming


The recently completed chciken and pig farm has been a success!  Hopefully the trend will continue.

* Computer Training

Donated computers are invaluable educational tools for the youth of Mocoron.  They not only provide a means by which they can learn, but also give familiarity with important technology that is widely used in the 21st century.  Pictured with the eager students is Ms. Ann Mitchell who graciously donated her energy, knowledge, patience and time to help the youth learn useful computer skills.

*Computer Learning Center

Construction for the computer learning center was completed in September of 2005.  This project was sponsored through the generousity of USAID and provides adequate space for students and a secure facility for the storage and use of computers. The photograph on the right was taken during the inaugural opening of the center.

                   The Norma I. Love Foundation
A  non profit humanitatarian, education, and conservation organization 501(c). TIN:75-2473456

USAID was also generous in providing the funds necessary to construct a new health clinic in Mocoron.  Thank you again USAID!
Construction of the Bujutia bridge was also completed in September of 2005.  This modern steel bridge now allows for years of reliable passage over the flood prone and swift flowing Rio Mocoron.  Sponsored by USAID.